30 years anniversary of the Nansen Centre in St. Petersburg

The Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (NIERSC) in St. Petersburg was founded in 1992 and is celebrating its’ 30th anniversary this October.

NIERSC is the first of five international research centres that the Nansen Center in Bergen has co-founded in the past decades, and it is situated in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has been a close collaboration between Bergen and St. Petersburg since the start.

Researchers at NIERSC focus on both fundamental and applied research in different and highly relevant scientific fields, such as climate change in the high northern latitudes, the response of aquatic ecosystems to climate change, applied meteorology and oceanography, and sea-ice studies and forecasts. NIERSC has a strong focus on international research collaboration with partners in Norway, Russia, Germany, Finland, China, and India, just to name a few. This has been to the benefit of all of us.

NIERSC researchers have received multiple prestigious international awards in the past years, and their high-level work is valued globally. The Centre has also been contributing to the education of young researchers through PhD supervision, grants, and stipends. Many of their alumni have made it far in their scientific careers both within Russia and abroad.

The Nansen Center in Bergen would like to thank the staff and students of the Centre in St. Petersburg for the scientific collaboration and close friendships built up over the last 30 years, and with a sincere hope that this also may continue in the future to the benefit of science and society.

The Norwegian delegation from the Nansen Center visited NIERSC in 2019 in St. Petersburg. Credit: NIERSC.

Internasjonale Nansensentrene verden over

Nansensenteret har vært med å grunnlegge fem internasjonale sentre i Russland, Kina, Bangladesh, India og Sør-Afrika.