Wind and waves

Our nearby ocean areas are known for powerful storms and extreme weather conditions. Knowledge of wind and wave conditions is therefore very important for safety at sea.

Wind and waves can pose a great danger to human activity linked to the sea. Reducing the risk is of great importance to marine actors. We analyse events with extreme winds over the sea and use, among other things, data from satellites, and calculation models with high resolution. With the help of better observations and more accurate calculations, we can strengthen many professional fields. Planning and optimisation of energy production in new offshore wind farms will benefit from such analyses. Information on the frequency and probability of extreme wind situations is also of interest to the insurance sector. And by calculating how wind and wave conditions will develop, we can contribute to better management of our fisheries resources. The calculations we make are part of the EU’s Earth observation program Copernicus, and have a number of users and application areas.

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Client: European Space Agency
Project owner: IFREMER
Project leader at the Nansen Center: Johnny A. Johannessen