Antonio Bonaduce

Research Leader, Senior Researcher

Antonio Bonaduce is the leader of the Ocean and Sea Ice Remote Sensing Group. He obtained his PhD at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2012. The study was about sea-level climate variability.

Bonaduce has 15 years of experience in sea level research and satellite-based remote sensing in oceanography. Increased knowledge about the sea, and how the sea level varies over time, is important for society; This particularly applies to people living on the coast, and opportunities to adapt to changed conditions in the future. He researches variations in sea level using different tools, such as observational data (both in-situ and remote sensing), ocean circulation and wave models, and ocean reanalyses. He also develops reconstructions from the past to combine satellite altimetry and in-situ data. He also conducts studies of mean sea level (globally and regionally) and studies the contributions of mass and density (influenced by temperature and salinity) to investigate sea level conditions. He is currently leading a strategic initiative to establish a unit for sea level research at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Norway. His research interests also include studies of physical and biological properties induced by mesoscale eddies in the ocean.

  • Ocean
  • Climate
  • Satellite observations