We invite to various research-related events, meetings, and lectures at the Nansen Center and at the International Nansen centers, which will be open to all interested parties or aimed at a specific group of people.

Future and past events

Guest lectures in 2023

30.11. Dr. Peter Miller, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK – “Early warning of harmful algal blooms using satellite ocean colour and Lagrangian particle trajectories; and links from ocean fronts to marine biodiversity”
29.11. Dr. Raphaëlle Sauzède, Laboratorie dÓceanographie de Villefranche (LOV), France – “Vertically-resolved products of key biogeochemical parameters from BGC-Argo observations using machine learning”
23.11. Djoirka Minto Dimoune, Nansen Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research, Dept. of Oceanography, University of Cape Town, South Africa – “Marine heatwaves in the Agulhas bank”
28.09. Ute Daewel, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Germany – “Regional scale effects of large-scale Offshore Wind Farms in the coastal marine ecosystem of the North Sea”
22.06. Anis Elyouncha, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Chalmers Technical University, Sweden – “Observing the ocean using spaceborne synthetic aperture radar: opportunities and challenges”
13.06. Associate professor Dr. Leila Issa, Lebanese American University, Beirut – “Ocean modelling in the Eastern Mediterranean: insights from physical based modelling, data assimilation and machine learning”
25.05. Dr. Yuanxin Zhang, Institute of Arctic Climate and Environment Research, Research Institute for Global Change, Japan Agency for Marine–Earth Science and Technology, Yokosuka Japan – “How Much Can Riverine Biogeochemical Fluxes Affect the Arctic Ocean Acidification?”
16.05. Dr. Ranith R, Nansen Environmental Research Centre (India), Kochi – “Assessing the variability in ecosystem processes in the Northern Indian Ocean under changing climate”
15.05. Dr. Zhuyun Ye, Aarhus University, Denmark – “From Trace to Threat: The Importance of Atmospheric Trace Gases in Global Environmental Health”