Artem Moiseev


Artem Moiseev is a physical oceanographer. He obtained his PhD in ocean remote sensing from the University in Bergen (Norway) in 2021, while employed at the Nansen Center, working with satellite data to improve how to detect ocean surface currents from space.

Moiseev studies upper ocean dynamics, ocean-atmosphere, and wave-current interactions using synergy of satellite and in-situ observations and models. His main interest is in developing new solutions for observing ocean wind, waves, and surface currents from satellite Synthetic Aperture Radars. His main expertise is with Doppler shift observations from Sentinel-1 where he has been developing retrieval algorithms for retrieving ocean surface currents, signal calibration, and product validation. He also has experience in open-source software development, geospatial data processing and analysis, and machine learning.

  • Ocean
  • Machine learning
  • Satellite observations