Roshin P. Raj

Senior Researcher

Roshin Raj obtained his PhD in Oceanography at the University of Bergen in 2014. During his PhD, he was employed at the Nansen Center and researched the circulation of the Norwegian Sea and its variability. He used measurements taken from space and the ocean.

Raj investigates sea-level rise and mesoscale dynamics of the ocean. An example of the latter are whirls (eddies) in the ocean that last several weeks and are on the order of dozens to about a hundred kilometers in diameter. They affect ocean properties like salinity, amount of nutrients, and temperature. His preferred tools are satellite remote sensing data, in-situ data obtained from the ocean, and model data. They allow him to investigate ocean mesoscale dynamics and their interactions with ocean physics and biogeochemistry. He also focuses his research on other topics like climate change and its impacts, Arctic freshwater fluxes, and teleconnections between the tropics and the polar regions.

  • Ocean
  • Climate
  • Satellite observations