Management of research data

Digitization is central to the efficient handling of data that is collected or generated by modeling tools, and to the dissemination of research and development results to both the public and private sectors.

We use and further develop modern software, which supports standard data formats and interfaces. This is done to offer good solutions for data management and dissemination of various types of research data.

Collecting and analyzing field observations requires a lot of resources, especially in the Arctic where icebreakers often have to be used to carry out research expeditions. In addition, measurements from advanced instruments will be complex, and need specially adapted software to extract important information. There is also a great need for powerful computers and large storage space to analyze data from satellites and models. We therefore have a focus on efficient supply chains for the research data, which must be produced so that they can be reused by researchers and contribute to societal needs.

Standardization of formats and interfaces for data and metadata is central to the development of modern systems for good data management. An important part of the work is the standardization of field observations from underwater observation systems, including documentation of procedures for data collection, processing, and quality assurance. Standardized formats make it easier for other researchers to use data produced at the Nansen Center. By offering data through a standard interface, the data can be more easily shared between different users and areas of application.

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Client: European Commission
Project owner: Trust-IT SRL
Project leader at the Nansen Center: Torill Hamre