In order to be able to present research data in a map format, we must use visualisation services. We use so-called geographic information systems (GIS) for such visualisation.

The QGIS system is available to everyone and can be run on many types of computers. QGIS can be used locally on your own PC, Mac or Linux machine, but is also available in a web-based version accessible via browser. In order to get an overview of what is available from direct (in-situ) observation systems in the northern regions, we have created the ARCMAP system. The system can be used to look at maps and statistics for observation systems in the region. Other institutions and researchers can contribute to ARCMAP by sharing information about their own observing systems, and links to datasets. At the Nansen Center, we have the expertise to create, maintain, and improve such systems. A comprehensive platform called NARVAL will also be launched, which also includes satellite data for the northern regions.

For more information, contact research leader Torill Hamre.


For access to ARCMAP, a tool for finding and sharing information about in-situ observation systems, go to the ARCMAP-website