Stein Sandven

Project Manager, Senior Researcher

Stein Sandven is a physical oceanographer and majored (cand. real) at the University of Bergen in 1979, researching ocean circulation in the Indian Ocean.

Sandven’s research interests include sea ice, ocean currents, water masses, acoustics and the development of ocean observing systems, mainly in the Arctic Ocean. Observing systems using instruments on ships, moorings, drifting buoys, and subsurface floats are important tools to collect data for ocean, sea ice, marine ecosystems, and climate research. He is also working with satellite remote sensing, which is an essential part of the ocean observing systems. As coordinator of many research projects in the last 30 years, he has a strong interest in developing international and national collaboration in Arctic research. One of the recent projects he has been leading was INTAROS, an EU-funded project with 49 partners from 20 countries. The project contributed to improve different observing systems in the Arctic which is important for further research and to support shipping, tourism, and fishing, as well as for local communities. In addition, he has been active in educating students, tomorrow’s scientists, teaching them in remote sensing, shipping in the Arctic, and other useful Arctic knowledge.

  • Field measurements
  • Ocean
  • Satellite observations
  • Sea ice