The group works with the development, implementation, and scientific application of advanced underwater observation systems. The systems are deployed and retrieved during research cruises in the Arctic Ocean north of Svalbard. Large amounts of research data give us new knowledge about the conditions below the sea ice in the Arctic.

The group has expertise in oceanography and acoustics, and extensive experience in the use of underwater observation systems in combination with ocean models. Acoustic and oceanographic methods are used for research on sea ice, the ocean, and the marine ecosystem. We use advanced acoustic networks to observe ocean temperatures over large areas, study sounds from mammals and sea ice, and for positioning underwater vessels. Our expertise can also be used in the development of underwater communications.

Observing the deep Arctic Ocean, where large parts are covered by ice, is time-consuming and expensive. The underwater systems that have been developed contribute to observations that are otherwise difficult to access. The observations contribute to increasing understanding of climate and environmental changes in the sea under the ice. The research takes place in the Arctic Ocean, but the expertise and methods can just as easily be used in other ocean areas, e.g., along the Norwegian coast and in fjords.