Anton Korosov

Senior Researcher

Anton Korosov is a physical oceanographer. He obtained his PhD at the Russian State Meteorological University, St. Petersburg (Russia) in 2007.

Anton focuses on studying sea ice movement and what causes its movement using remote sensing data and modelling. Sea ice monitoring and forecasting is needed both for safety of navigation in the Arctic and for climate research. He develops new methods for synergistic processing of satellite data from different instruments such as passive-microwave radiometers, synthetic aperture radars, and altimeters. Anton is an expert in machine learning and uses it for image processing and analysing how informative data is, and for model calibration/validation. He contributes to development of the next generation sea ice model – neXtSIM and investigates methods of sea ice deformation assimilation. His favourite programming language is Python, and he contributes to continuous integration/deployment activities at the Nansen Center using GitHub and Docker.

  • Machine learning
  • Satellite observations
  • Sea ice