Utstyr over havet. Foto: Espen Storheim / Nansensenteret

Observation systems in the ocean

With modern technologies for measurements and communication in the sea, we can collect extensive data to understand processes and changes over time. By using new and innovative sensors, communication, and storage solutions, we are building, through international cooperation, future observation systems for the Arctic and other ocean areas.

In order to improve the understanding of important processes in the sea, we develop and adopt advanced underwater observation systems using modern technology. Data collection is done using both traditional measurement methods and specially adapted acoustic instruments, to observe important ocean conditions such as temperature, salinity, and currents. Furthermore, we develop methods and tools for measuring, processing, extracting, and presenting data that is collected from these systems. Furthermore, models are developed for different areas of use.

Through various research projects over the past 20 years, a number of research expeditions have been carried out in frozen parts of the Arctic. Through these cruises, we have built up extensive expertise in the collection and analysis of acoustic measurements, carried out under the ice in the Arctic. This experience and expertise can be used in other sea areas and coastal zones.

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Client: Research Council of Norway
Project owner: University of Bergen
Project leader at the Nansen Center: Hanne Sagen
Client: European Commission
Project owner: Nansen Center
Project leader at the Nansen Center: Hanne Sagen