Yiguo Wang

Senior Researcher

Yiguo Wang obtained his PhD from the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris (France) in 2013. He worked with air quality forecasting and how to assimilate Lidar observations to improve the forecasts.

Wang’s research focuses on climate prediction. He is interested in both the past and the future climate. To study the past climate, he works with reconstructing it for the period of 1850 to the present. Having a reconstruction of the global climate for that period will be helpful for climate researchers to better understand changes and to be able to better separate man-made and natural causes. And to investigate the future, Wang is part of the development team of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) – a climate prediction system that is already in use to predict the near and far changes in our future climate. One important tool Wang uses are methods for data assimilation and machine learning. These are necessary to make the climate predictions more precise and useful for climate adaptation.

  • Data assimilation
  • Climate
  • Forecasts