Yanchun He


Yanchun He is an atmospheric and oceanographic scientist. He obtained his PhD at Peking University, China in 2012, researching mixing processes between surface waters and deeper parts of the ocean (“ocean ventilation”).

Yanchun He is active in several modelling activities and ocean climate studies. He uses simulated oceanic tracers to study the ocean in many ways, such as for example for investigating how the deep ocean is “breathing” to renew its oxygen and carbon dioxide, estimating how much carbon exists in the ocean due to society’s activities, and following the spread of radioactive pollutants from natural and man-made sources in the environment. Yanchun He also examines large-scale circulation patterns in the ocean, which connect the Atlantic and the rest of the global oceans, and he focuses on interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere. Aside from using simulations and models, He also develops tools to make models, such as the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM), better. NorESM is frequently used by climate scientists to study the past, present, and future climate.

  • Ocean
  • Climate
  • Modelling