The research group prepares forecasts for the climate in the coming months and years, and scenarios for how the climate will be a hundred years from now. The aim is to offer climate services at the highest possible level to various stakeholders in society.

The group has expertise in climate research, with an emphasis on variations and changes in climate, predictability in the climate system, and consequences of climate change. In order to provide reliable information, various analysis tools and products are developed and used. Several of these are available for use by both professionals and other stakeholders.

Research is being done on mechanisms that lead to changes in the climate and how these can be predicted through the use of climate models. Changes can be caused by both natural processes and human activities, and research is also being done to distinguish between these causes. In addition, it sheds light on how processes in northern areas, for example the reduction of sea ice in the northern areas, affect the climate in other areas of the world.

The tool used to predict the climate in the future, both in the shorter and longer term, are different types of climate models. In order to make climate predictions as precise as possible, inaccuracies in the models are researched, so that these can be reduced. The group’s forecasts are used in several climate services both in Norway and internationally. The forecasts are also used as a contribution to global climate reports. Reanalyses of the climate far back in time are also produced, which provides more knowledge about natural climate.