Espen Storheim


Espen Storheim obtained his PhD in acoustics from the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen, Norway in 2015. He worked on how sound is generated by different sound sources at various frequencies in air. This study is important for many applications where ultrasound is used to measure different parameters, such as how much natural gas flows in a pipeline. He has previous experience with both theoretical and experimental work, such as finite element modelling, non-destructive testing, and ultrasonic measurements for material characterization.

Storheim’s primary research interest is underwater acoustics, in particular the use of sound to measure temperature, a technique known as acoustic thermometry, and how sound propagates in the ocean under different conditions. This is an important method to get measurements over long distances, relatively quickly, in particular in ice-covered areas such as the Arctic Ocean. Storheim also has a special interest in field work and instrumentation. He has participated in research cruises to the Arctic Ocean every year since 2016, with vessels such as the Norwegian Coastguard icebreaker KV Svalbard, the US Coast Guard icebreaker USCGC Healy, and the French ice-breaking cruise ship Le Commandant Charcot. He has also been an instructor during several research schools and is supervising students from Bachelor to PhD level.


  • Acoustics
  • Field measurements
  • Modelling