Software packages for underwater conditions

Production of organic material through photosynthesis takes place both on land and in the sea. In the ocean, there are very small phytoplankton species that account for the majority of marine primary production, - that is, the formation of organic material from the photosynthesis of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water with the help of sunlight.

Primary production represents the basis of the marine food chain, and is therefore of great importance to the ocean’s ecosystem. Estimating how much material is produced is not easy since phytoplankton not only live in the uppermost water layers, but also down to a depth of over a hundred metres.

We have developed a software package called SubMAPP, which is free to use. The package can be used to calculate depth profiles of various parameters based on surface observations, and to visualize the profiles from the sea surface to the seafloor. The data used in the program comes from satellites, from atmospheric models, and from direct measurements in the ocean. The software uses machine learning and is programmed in Python. The underwater profiles are also useful for further use in ocean models.

For more information, contact research leader Annette Samuelsen.


For access to SubMAPP, a tool for calculating chlorophyll from surface observations and visualising the profiles, go to GitHub