Processing tools for satellite data

At the Nansen Center, processing tools have been developed for earth observation data from various satellite sensors, data from measurements on the surface or in the sea, and data from our models.

The tool, GeoSPaaS – geospatial data management service, makes it possible to download, process, explore, visualize and retrieve data. GeoSPaaS is now being further developed for presentation via a web portal, and will be freely accessible and user-friendly.

We have also developed Nansat, a researcher-friendly Python toolbox for processing 2-dimensional data from satellites, models, and direct observations. The main goal of Nansat is to facilitate easy development and testing of scientific algorithms, easy analysis of geospatial data, and efficient operational processing.

For more information, contact research leader Antonio Bonaduce.


For access to GeoSPaaS, a tool for downloading, processing, visualising, and extracting satellite data, go to GitHub


For access to Nansat, a tool to process 2-dimensional data from satellites, models, and direct observations, go to the Nansat-website