Software packages for data assimilation

We have two data assimilation software packages available for free use.

The assimilation package “DAPPER” – Data Assimilation with Python: a Package for Experimental Research – is easy to use. With this, different data assimilation methods can be compared, and are applicable both in research and for educational purposes.

The program package “Fortran90 EnKF” is based on the Ensemble-Kalman filter method (EnKF), a unique data assimilation method developed at the Nansen Center. The package is tailored to large amounts of data for use in ocean models. At the Nansen Center, it is used when preparing forecasts for the ocean, sea ice, and climate.

For more information, contact research leader Laurent Bertino.


For access to DAPPER, a tool to compare different data assimilation methods, go to GitHub


For access to Fortran90 EnKF, a tool for assimilating data into models, go to GitHub