Capacity building

The Nansen Center contributes to capacity building through various activities aimed at students and young researchers.


As a student, you can be supervised by our researchers. Supervision takes place at all levels of education, from bachelor to PhD, within subject areas covered by our research. We will also be able to contribute to thesis collaboration. Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you are interested.

We organize annual research schools at PhD level in the form of thematic summer or winter schools. Students and young researchers from all over the world meet at these gatherings. The research schools usually last a week, and have previously been organized on Svalbard, on the coast guard ship KV Svalbard, and at other locations in Norway and abroad. The Nansen Center’s researchers hold courses in data assimilation at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bergen, which is also open to students other than the department’s students. Information about research schools and courses will be announced on our website.

Arrangements have also been made for the exchange of researchers, PhD candidates, and students between the international Nansen centers and the Nansen Center, financed through a Nansen Fellowship program via the Nansen Scientific Society Foundation.

Research assistants

We advertise part-time positions as research assistants, intended for students at bachelor’s and master’s level, where the work tasks are linked to the implementation of ongoing research projects. The positions are of shorter or longer duration, and have different vacancy rates, and will be advertised via our website.

PhD candidates

PhD candidates can work at a research institute. In connection with the implementation of research projects, vacant positions for PhD candidates at the Nansen Center are regularly established and advertised, where our experienced researchers are responsible for the training. When employed in a PhD candidate position with us, the University of Bergen will be the degree-granting institution.

Courses and teaching

We currently have no teaching activities that are ready for registration.

New offers will be published here.