Yue (Michael) Ying


Yue (Michael) Ying is a meteorologist and obtained his PhD at Penn State University (USA) in 2018, with a special focus on multiscale predictability and data assimilation.

Ying works on advancing data assimilation methodologies for multiscale dynamical systems, such as the atmosphere, ocean, and the Arctic sea ice, for the benefit of the people living in the Arctic. His goal is to improve the prediction of these systems, especially the small-scale features in sea-ice cracks and precipitation, whose current operational prediction skill is limited. Improving day-to-day prediction will benefit the safety and prosperity of people living or working in the Arctic region. Ying’s approach is to identify key physical processes in the interactions between air, water, and ice that limit how well a model works to produce reliable forecasts; to seek a novel assimilation approach (such as nonlinear filtering and machine-learning based algorithms) to improve the prediction of these processes; and then to evaluate the impact of the new approach to the overall prediction of the whole system and its benefit to the society.

  • Data assimilation
  • Forecasts