Timothy Williams


Timothy Williams is an applied mathematician. He obtained his PhD from the University of Otago (New Zealand) in 2006, modelling wave interactions with floating objects, such as ice floes or cracks and ridges in continuous ice.

Williams’ main expertise is in applied mathematics, and he focuses on modelling how waves in water propagate in the presence of floating things like ice floes or sheets. He has other interests in mathematical techniques, elasticity, and wave propagation in random media, such as water covered with many floating objects, or a solid (like ice) containing many cracks, holes or other defects. His main activity is developing and maintaining the neXtSIM-F sea-ice forecast platform. It is now part of Copernicus Marine Services, which distributes model and satellite data from selected sources. This platform uses the state of the art sea-ice model neXtSIM (next generation sea-ice model). Forecasting the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is quite important to several sectors relevant for society, such as safe shipping.

  • Ocean
  • Modelling
  • Sea ice
  • Forecasts