Jonathan W. Rheinlænder


Jonathan W. Rheinlænder is a polar climate researcher  and educator with more than 10 years of experience doing research in the high latitudes using climate models. He obtained his PhD in climate dynamics from the University of Bergen in 2020, during which he focused on the interplay between ocean circulation and sea ice and their role in abrupt climate change.

Rheinlænder has a keen interest in the natural and physical polar environment, both in the Arctic and Antarctic, and a deep fascination for ice and snow. His research focuses on sea-ice dynamics and the complex interactions between the sea ice, atmosphere, and ocean. He seeks to understand how openings in the sea-ice cover affect dense water formation in the polar oceans, and its impact on the global climate system. A key motivation behind this work is to improve how these processes are represented in climate models and thereby providing better and more accurate projections for our future climate.

  • Ocean
  • Climate
  • Modelling
  • Sea ice