Guillaume Boutin


Guillaume Boutin is a physical oceanographer. He obtained his PhD at the University of Western Brittany in Brest (France) in 2018.

Boutin studies sea-ice in interaction with the ocean, most often in the marginal ice zone in the transition between drift ice and the open sea. During his PhD, he worked on modelling interactions between waves and sea ice.

His favourite questions are: What happens when the ice is broken into small floes (usually by waves)? How important are small-scale sea-ice dynamics (for example small cracks in the sea ice) for the interaction between the ocean, sea ice, and atmosphere? He is optimistic that he will be able to provide answers to these questions in the near future!

At the Nansen Center, he is now part of the development team for the sea ice model neXtSIM (next-generation sea ice model). To investigate how sea ice interacts with the ocean in the most realistic way possible, he has connected neXtSIM with an ocean model and a wave model (NEMO and WAVEWATCH III).

  • Ocean
  • Modelling
  • Sea ice