Fabio Mangini


Fabio Mangini is an oceanographer and obtained his PhD from the University of Bergen in 2022, while employed at the Nansen Center. In his PhD, he mostly used observations to analyze the atmospheric and oceanic contributions to sea-level change in northern Europe.

Manginis research interests lie within sea-level variations. Changes in sea level can happen on short and long timescales and they have different impacts on society. Mangini  wants to quantify the contribution of both winds and open ocean to sea-level variations over the northern European continental shelf from monthly up to decadal timescales. In his work he uses both in-situ and remote-sensing observations to provide more robust conclusions and help identify the weaknesses and strengths of each individual observing system used today. This will make our knowledge on sea-level variations more complete, allowing for improved mitigation measures.

  • Ocean
  • Climate
  • Satellite observations