Achref Othmani


Achref Othmani is a physical oceanographer. He obtained his PhD at the University of Tunis El Manar (Tunisia) in 2017. During his PhD, Othmani worked on the implementation of a coupled high-resolution tidal model with a Lagrangian model to study the distribution of plankton in the Gulf of Gabes (eastern Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia).

Othmani is setting up ocean models for researching the North Atlantic and Arctic regions. Ocean models help us to better understand what happens in the ocean, for example currents and nutrient levels. They are also used to improve what we know about the influence of the ocean on weather and climate. Currently, he is working on developments with the TOPAZ modelling system and validation and evaluation of its performance to improve the operational service in the Arctic. Reliable forecasts of ocean currents are for example crucial for search and rescue operations.

  • Ocean
  • Modelling